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Petula has created a sumptuous selection of burlesque acts, all inspired by Hollywood movies from the 40s to 60s.

Her signature act, The Gorilla, has won 3 international awards throughout Europe, including Miss Paris Burlesque 2014 and 3rd International Newcomer at the World Burlesque Games in London, 2015.

 Petula has performed in 12 european countries thanks to original acts like The Magician and The Showgirl. She also loves to perform to live music with French rockabilly band The Crappy Coyotes.

Image c. Steve Van Stappen

The Gorilla

This multi-award winning act has entertained audiences across Europe. Inspired by the exotic 30s, circus and pop culture, the savage gorilla will reveal a stunning jungle queen, ready to tame the audience with her whip-cracking skills. The question is, will she slip on the banana peel?

Image c. Eve Saint Ramon

The Magician

What would you do if you were a magician and your rabbit refused to jump out of the hat?  

Happily Petula has all the assets to make her bunny change its mind, even the power to transform carrots into a sexy boa!  

Inspired by classical magic and Playboy’s bunny girls, this burlesque act will suprise you with its magical cleverness.

Image c. Veronika Vee Marx

The Bond Girl

She’s the perfect victim for Her Majesty’s greatest spy. Unfortunately for James, Petula is not ready to give him her top secret gadgets. Expect suspense and surprise in this spy tribute.

Image c. Ralf Schütt

The Showgirl

A perfectly classical burlesque act – if only Petula wasn’t so clumsy with her feather fans…

This tribute to the great revues ends with a perfect twist to make the audience laugh and clap for more.

Image c. Neil Kendall

Boa Fever

She’s late! She had to jump out of her convertible and dash straight to the stage, to reveal what’s hidden beneath her trench coat…

Get ready for the sparkliest outfit you’ve ever seen, complete with feather boas for an uplifting showgirl spectacular!

Image c. Didier Bonin

The Cake

Have you ever dreamed of  a showgirl jumping out of a cake for your birthday or anniversary?  Dreams come true with Petula and her cake! 


Available with the Boa Fever act costume for a simple surprise, a full act with or without sparkling champagne…. anything is possible.

Image c. Eric Dany

The Air Hostess

She needs to get on the plane, but if she’s wearing her Paco Rabanne inspired metal dress under her uniform, she won’t get through security… Expect showers of sparkles to help Petula remove the outfit.
Available from March 2020.