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The Golden Hostess


Let Petula grab the microphone and know she’ll do anything to entertain the audience.


Hilarity galore, a bit of whip-cracking, a slapstick stunt or some haphazard magic – anything can happen when Petula’s in charge!


With the heart of a clown under her golden waves, she’s ready to make you laugh.

Watch her in action here…



Image c. Eric Dany

Character Comedy

Do you need a specific character for your event? 

Petula has already been:

– a Nutcracker soldier for Haussmann Paris

– a brothel keeper for Redbull

– a WWII Royal Navy officer for The Ostende Casino (Belgium)

– a Toulouse Lautrec model for Gellé Frères Perfumes

– a 1930’s guest for Azzaro perfume

– a flapper for 3+ productions (Switzerland)

– a cigarette girl for Puces de Paris

…and many more.

Let her play a part in your event or project.

Image c. J. Panconi