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Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for blonde time?

Leaving a trail of gold dust where ever she goes, Petula Goldfever is 24 carat gold burlesque!


Petula launched her show business career in 2013, and since then has featured in over 250 shows in more than 60 cities.
With her long blond hair and sparkling red smile, Petula is a true Hollywood diva, glamorous and sophisticated. But don’t be mistaken, Petula on stage is like fire under the ice, humour behind glamour, or a high heel on a banana peel.


Her burlesque acts reveal her cheeky taste for surprise with a revealing final twist you just won’t be expecting.


Since starting her burly journey as a mistress of ceremony, she has performed across Europe, and her signature act has taken her to more than 12 countries!


She was crowned Miss Betty Page in Belgium in 2013, Miss Paris Burlesque Festival in 2014,  3rd International Newcomer at London’s World Burlesque Games in 2015, and she runs the Amiens Burlesque School in France, in operation since 2016.

Image c. Eve Saint Ramon